Nechemia (Chemi) J. Peres

Chemi Peres is one of Israel’s foremost venture capital and innovation pioneers, serving as Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango Venture Capital, Israel’s leading Venture Capital Group, with a portfolio of some 230 global hi-tech companies. Mr. Peres, with a wealth of experience, is an integral part of the thriving Israeli innovation scene and key player on the global entrepreneurial stage. Mr. Peres serves on the board of directors Pitango Portfolio Companies including Via Transportation, Taboola, Venn, Radwin, Duda and Totango. Since July 2017, he is also a board member at Teva Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded leading global generic drugs company.

Chemi has dedicated himself to continuing the legacy of his late father, Ninth President of Israel, Shimon Peres, by fulfilling his vision through leading the implementation of his numerous initiatives and activities in the fields of Peace and Innovation. Chemi is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, Israel’s leading non-profit organization, established in 1996 by Shimon Peres. Chemi is leading the Peres Center’s flagship initiative, the Israeli Innovation Center, which is telling the remarkable story of Israel as the Innovation Nation. The Peres Center is a pioneer in developing and implementing innovative and cutting-edge peacebuilding programs in the fields of Innovation, Peace Education, Medicine, Business, and Environment, bringing together tens of thousands of Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians in meaningful cooperation over the last 21 years.

Mr. Peres also serves as Chairman of Peres & Associates Global Advisory, which he established together with his late father. Peres & Associates was founded with the objective of harnessing the vast professional network and wealth of experience at its disposal to advance the goals of a diverse host of clients, both private and governmental.

Mr. Peres is highly active in the field of impact investments in Israel. He is Chairman of the Al-Bawader Fund (Investing in the Israeli Arab Minority sector), Chair of the Advisory Board of Impact1st (early stage technology investment platform addressing social and environmental challenges) and serves on the board of Social Finance Israel (Social Impact Bonds). He is Founder and Chairman of Amelia Investments (Focused on the Middle East Region) and chairs the investment committee of TakwinLabs (An Israeli Arab technology Incubator). Mr. Peres also founded and chai the “double button line” fund NewEra.

Chemi founded and served as Chairman of Israel Venture Capital Association (aka IATI-Israel Advanced Technology Industries), and was Chairman of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce.
Chemi is married to Gila, they have three children and live in Ra’anana, Israel. Mr. Peres holds a BSc. degree in Industrial Engineering & Management and MBA degree from Tel Aviv University. He served as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force (IAF).